What We Do

Embracing the essence of modernism, we encapsulate the natural beauty of surroundings, forging a harmonious connection between home and environment.

Project Consultation

Feeling unsure about the next steps for your project? Curious but not quite ready to dive in? A consultation with Studio MOR offers a perfect opportunity to explore our design philosophy, our process, and our dedication to our clients. We're eager to learn about your vision and discuss how we can help bring it to life. Our consultations serve as a fantastic starting point to kickstart your project journey.

Architectural Design

Looking to create your dream home or the perfect commercial development? Look no further. Let us be your guide through the design process, helping you explore your options and navigate construction expectations, including budgeting and regulations. Whether you're planning to build in USA or internationally, we're here to ensure your journey is smooth and satisfying. Our expertise lies in designing visually stunning architecture that not only capture attention but also set you and your business apart, fostering growth and expansion opportunities.

Interior Design

By understanding your desire for a unified design, we collaborate with your creative vision to craft an interior space that completes the overall vision. Our expertise allows us to recommend fabrics, shapes, lighting, and textures that complement the exterior design, ensuring harmony throughout the project and aligning with your vision. This approach also streamlines communication and workflow, consolidating efforts for a cohesive project experience.